Hanging Out in the Neighborhood
Good Friends vs. Gangs

Learn About Gangs
Have you ever heard of a gang? Do you know kids who are in
a gang? Be careful! Gang members often get hurt and get in
trouble with the law.

A gang is a group that tries to control some part of a
neighborhood—they call it turf—and does illegal things. Some
gangs sell drugs. Others threaten people, such as shop
owners, unless those people pay the gang money.

Most gangs mark members wear special clothes or mark
themselves with gang symbols. If a person has the mark of a
certain gang and goes on the turf of another, it can be bad
news for that person—gangs are almost always violent and
fight with other gangs a lot.

Learn To Avoid Gangs
Gangs are violent and illegal. Gangs use guns and sell drugs.
Gangs also often hurt new members when they join. Joining a
gang can put your family and friends in danger. And if you
join a gang and another gang finds out, they may hurt or kill

If someone asks you to join a gang, say no. Get away. Tell a
trusted adult. If that person is being a bully and tries to force
you to join, remember what to do:

Stick with your friends.
Walk away from the bully.
Ask an adult for help.