Master Shervin Ilbeig is a 5 th Degree Hapkido Black Belt, Jean Jacques Machado BJJ Blue Belt, and a Master Level Atillo Balintawak Martial Artist. He has been practicing and teaching martial arts professionally for the last 30 years, and this lifelong love dates back to the early age of three. Mr. Shervin derives his greatest inspiration from Bruce Lee, whose energy and love for martial arts continue to fuel his passion even today.

     He embarked on this journey at the age of 14 from a Kung Fu Studio in Santa Monica and followed his passion for a year before he had to move to San Fernando Valley alongside his family. Mr. Shervin was introduced to the art of Hapkido at Team Karate Centers in the year 1991, and he went on to achieve his First Degree Black Belt in 1994.

     Learning martial arts has been an incredibly spiritual experience for Mr. Shervin from the very first day. Mr. Fariborz Azhakh is one of the many instructors and mentors who helped him unveil not only the secrets of combat art but also the mysteries of life. These moments of inspiration
and life-altering experiences inspired Mr. Shervin to follow the footsteps of his sensei and lay the foundation of Little Dragons Karate in the year 2004.

     He did complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix in 2002, yet the love for martial arts was too deep to derail him from his tracks. Mr. Shervin’s Little Dragon Karate School started with 23 students though the number tripled in the course of the first 12 months. His unprecedented love for the martial arts and passion for inspiring a positive change in the lives of young children has always encouraged him to serve the community in extraordinary ways.

     Today, Mr. Shervin serves as a teacher to over 200 active students and is renowned for his highly personalized approach to martial arts. He treats every student with a unique approach best suited to their exclusive level of learning. This has helped Mr. Shervin connect and inspire many martial art devotees over the last three decades. He is a kind and warm-hearted teacher who aspires to deliver the same profound experience to his apprentices that he received from his mentors and sensei.

     Mr. Shervin is an avid seeker of knowledge who continues to strive for excellence in his art and aims to dive deeper and deeper into the realm of martial arts under the teaching and guidance of world-class Masters and Grand Masters.

     IMr. Shervin continues to train and empower young martial artists through Dragons MMA and He is driven by the desire to unchain the hidden dragon from young martial art devotees and aspires to transfer his years of knowledge and experiences to the generations of today and tomorrow. Besides this, Mr. Shervin is a fan of mountain biking and truly loves the outdoors. 



We have been a part of Mr. Shervin’s DMA family for almost 5 years. His talent, gift, and technique when he teaches his classes are fantastic! His staff are experienced and professional. DMA has brought so much into our lives and has been an inspiration to our 9 year old. We will be a part of DMA for a lifetime.


I would like to Thank Mr. Shervin of Little Dragons Karate for all the great instruction and discipline he has provided through his work with my two sons, Brandon and Jacob. Mr. Shervin has a gentle and nurturing way with the children that both the students and parents appreciate and respond to. The Little Dragons classes prepare the children for the Junior program they will eventually graduate into. From our personal experience Mr. Shervin’s Little Dragons provide the children with discipline, coordination, accountability and responsibility. Mr. Shervin runs a disciplined class in the 30 minutes the children are with him.


This facility is outstanding. I prefer diamonds over stars. Mr. Shervin is an exceptional instructor. We have trained with him for 10 years. I recommend this studio for all children. Thank you Mr. Shervin.


Mr. Shervin has been my son’s instructor for the past 6 years. Besides absolutely loving what he does, he’s amazing with kids as little as 3 years old, all the way to adults, women and men alike. I’ve watched his classes grow from a small little studio into this large studio that he currently occupies. The volume of students has has amassed is a testament to his incredible teaching. He has watched my own child grow and become respectful, responsible, appreciative and thoughtful, as he has taught other children to be as well. Mr. Shervin gives free women’s’ self defense classes on weekends each year, this year suffering a broken nose at the hands of one woman but continued the class, giving his own body for us to use and practice our defensive skills. Mr. Shervin highly encourages donations of holiday toys to be given to sick children at the Children’s Hospital, participates each spring in a fundraiser for a Rape Treatment Center at the Northridge Hospital including a special performance by he and some of his students, and encourages donations by children by offering a free year of karate classes to the child who raises over $1,000 for the Rape Treatment Center, donates his own money and time to other charities, and gives back to the community way more than ever gets, exemplifying the true spirit of what he teaches. Not to mention he is a fabulous father of 3, with his children attending most classes and his wife working at his studio as well.


If you want to learn martial arts and enjoy the best workout for mind and body. There is no better place than Dragons Martial Arts. If you’re an advanced martial artist and want to learn more and fine tune your art. You will see major gains working with Mr. Shervin. I have trained with Mr Shervin over 16 years and find myself amazed by his teachings and how great a martial artist he is! Constantly growing with the art! Best place on the planet!!