Special Needs 3 + Yrs



Mr. shervin believes this program is missing in a lot of martial arts studios, and he believes with martial arts our special needs students have and will surpass any goal they have in life. Dragons Martial Arts Studio has successfully worked with students who have speech and language delays, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, and asthma. Structured physical programs such as Martial Arts can have a positive influence in developing concentration, self-confidence, and group participation.


Through his academic teaching career, Mr. Shervin has worked with children with all of these challenges as well as children with severe hearing and visual impairments, children needing braces, crutches, and wheel chairs, and children with moderate to severe developmental delays. please contact us at 818-888-1158 for more information on our Special Needs Program.




Kristin C.

Kids and parents LOVE this karate studio. It’s a special place with a great energy that only a family-owned & operated business can provide. That’s what you want for your kids. Safe, warm, and they learn so much. Really fun place to have birthday parties too. I’d encourage anyone to try a class- you will be hooked. Our daughter was. Now our son is. And, so are we!

Cheryl Moses

We have been coming to Dragons Martial Arts for close to 6 years now. My son (10) is a brown belt in the Jr. program and my daughter (7) is a red black in Little Dragons. We love the sense of community at the studio and the valuable lessons my kids/family have learned there.

Anthony B.

My son has been attending since he was a little over 2 1/2 years old.  He’s 8 years old now.  He’s learned more than Karate.  My son has learned to compliment others on their successes.  He has learned to be compassionate to others.  He has learned to treat others with respect.  He has learned how to be fair and supportive.  The school doesn’t just teach Karate.  The school teaches Humanity.  Of course he’s 8 years old and will make a few mistakes.  But that’s what growing up is all about.  In the mean time, this school has taught him consistency in how to be a good individual in today’s society.

Melissa B.

I literally cried through my kids’ first class when I realized how much this is going to change my kids’ lives, and I’m not a crier. Mr. Shervin is strict and demands respect and perfectly matches it with respect and praise for the kids. All the kids in the studio learn to work as a team, to treat each other with kindness, and love martial arts with a passion. I couldn’t be happier.